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Hypnotherapy - Other treated conditions.


The conditions page of this website lists some of the most commonly treated conditions I work with. There are many conditions I have not created separate pages for that I may well be able to help with. Please enquire as to whether your difficulty can be helped using hypnotherapy. 

It is also not at all uncommon for me to receive more unusual enquiries for help. Hypnotherapy and CBT are flexible systems of treatment and can often be applied successfully to many different types of problems beyond the ones listed on the main pages of this website. If you have an unusual difficulty that you would like some help with, please do feel free to enquire as to whether it would be potentially suitable for treatment using hypnotherapy or CBT. I will tell you honestly if I think that your condition can be treated using hypnotherapy. All therapeutic systems have their limitations. Though in the history of hypnosis certain claims have been espoused that people have been able to successfully increase breast size, help people grow taller and such like, I wouldn't personally offer such services. I work with what I "know" can be helped. It wouldn't be good for my therapeutic self esteem to take on cases that I can't help. When I work with a person I want success as much as they do. 

In any case, if you want to ask I'll be happy to give you my honest opinion of whether I think I can help you or not, and I promise you I won't say it's suitable for treatment if I don't think there is a good chance of success! If I can't help I may be able to point you in the direction of a suitable treatment. 

You can contact me here.