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Blushing - Hypnotherapy to help you with blushing in Bristol and Bath.

Blushing. We all do it sometimes! Blushing is a response to feeling that we are either embarrassed or under scrutiny. We, as human beings, give off tiny body language signals that show how we're feeling underneath. The most prominent of these signals is blushing. Blushing is caused by a rush of blood to the tiny blood vessels in the face, neck, and ears causing the face to feel hot and flushed whilst visibly reddening. The exact reason we blush is unknown. For most people blushing is a rare occurrence and causes no problems at all. For some however, blushing can occur frequently. This in itself needn't be a problem but some people feel very self conscious about their blushing. It's here that problems start. Since the blushing is caused by feeling embarrassed or under scrutiny then a catch 22 can develop where blushing causes more blushing. There are a number of interventions that work well with blushing. We can use hypnotherapy to help you create "cool" feelings when you feel a blush coming on and perhaps more importantly we seek to help you be okay with your blushing. When you stop worrying about blushing or being embarrassed by it then it will decrease because you're not getting "flushed" by it being there. If you'd like some help with your blushing, please contact me to arrange an appointment.