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Hypnotherapy for Teeth Grinding and Jaw Clenching in Bristol and Bath

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding/ Jaw Clenching) Bruxism is a condition marked by the grinding of teeth during sleep and/or daily jaw clenching. It can cause damage and wear on the teeth, and is often very unpleasant to experience. Sufferers sometimes dream of the tooth grinding and will report having a locked jaw where enormous pressure gets placed on one or two teeth creating fear that the teeth will snap. Other sufferers are only alerted to their condition by a partner who hears the grinding during the night. Though the exact causes of bruxism are not completely understood, it is well established that stress worsens the condition and bruxism usually stops naturally when the time of stress has passed. Relatively speaking, the jaw muscles are the strongest muscles in the body.  When we are anxious or stressed generally, the muscles of the jaw can hold a great deal of tension, and it seems that there is an effort to release this tension during sleep. Indeed many people will also jaw clench throughout the day. Bruxism usually responds favourably and readily to hypnotherapy. Treatment requires a general reduction in anxiety coupled with some suggestion based hypnotherapy work to suggest relaxation to the mind and jaw during sleep. In some cases, there is a specific "emotion" being held in the jaw area. Sometimes it is necessary to work on resolving this specific emotion but in every case a reduction of overall stress levels should improve things significantly.