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Hypnotherapy to help increase your Confidence in Bristol and Bath 

Confidence – Hypnotherapy has long been associated with helping people to feel confident. This is an area of work which really deserves two definitions however.

If we are talking about gaining confidence in a single area of performance then hypnotherapy can work very quickly.  Essentially, if we need to we will neutralize the fear template/s and then we can move on to “showing” the subconscious mind that it’s possible for you to successfully be brilliant in whatever area of confidence you need boosting in. Two to three sessions will usually be sufficient to nicely improve your confidence.

If we are talking about your overall confidence as a person we will usually expect this to take longer. Obviously, everyone is different, so what each person needs to reconnect with their confidence will be unique. If you have low self-confidence or low self-esteem generally, then hypnotherapy can definitely help, but for lasting change a “magic wand” approach falls short. Increasing your confidence as a person is a process of building positivity and self recognition over time. We also need to unlearn those negative programmes which have stopped you from recognizing your own ability to perform well as a person as well as teaching you the skills you need to be able to engage with the world positively and confidently.  Between six and ten sessions will be usual here but it depends on your needs.

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