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Hypnotherapy to help with gagging 

in Bristol and Bath

An overly sensitive gag reflex can cause problems in many different ways. Gagging can make it difficult or impossible to: 

  • Go to the dentist.

  • Have dental impressions made.

  • Wear dentures or braces. 

  • Swallow pills.

  • Eat/Drink

  • Brush Teeth

Gagging is natures protective mechanism to ensure that your airways remain clear. If the mouth and throat sense an obstruction then a vomiting type response ensues to "clear" the airway - gagging. We develop problems when this mechanism becomes too sensitive. There are various reasons that this happens. Some people it seems just naturally have a sensitive gag reflex but even folks with a sensitive gag reflex can usually do what they need to with concentration. If you're finding that you can't then there is almost certainly an emotional fear based response exacerbating the problem. Sometimes we see people who are gagging at the mere "thought" of putting something close to their mouths. I have also worked with individuals who have had problems swallowing food. 

Central to these problems is anxiety. Either a fear of choking or suffocation is present, or the person is simply "panicking" as soon as something goes in or near the mouth. In any case we resolve this oversensitivity by dealing with any negative past choking/gagging experiences or expectations and helping you to approach the situation calmly. The overly sensitive gag reflex can be controlled when you are calm and relaxed. When it comes to learning to wear dentures or braces comfortably, it definitely still requires practice beyond the hypnotherapy but in time the mouth adjusts to the sensations. I use some very helpful hypnotherapeutic breathing techniques that make it much easier to be gag free!   

If you have a problem with gagging, I'll be happy to help. I've worked successfully with this difficulty in its various forms many times.  Click here to arrange an appointment.