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Hypnotherapy for Sexual Difficulties in Bristol and Bath  

Male - Premature Ejaculation/Erectile Dysfunction - Premature ejaculation is often anxiety related. It’s one of those areas of activity where we can become too focused on performance, and the whole thing can turn into one big worry. There are a number of reasons that people can develop this difficulty. Sexual inexperience is an obvious cause. Often this can be counteracted by learning to calm down …to go slowly…to know that you’re allowed to take a breather etc. Another cause is that hormonal levels within young men (16-25) can be very high thus causing overexcitement in the sexual situation.  Most often though, it will be an anxiety response which is causing the difficulties.  Sex, like sleep, is one of those areas of activity in which the body knows what to do and usually takes care of itself. I mention sleep because everyone knows what it’s like to have trouble getting to sleep, and then “trying” really hard to make oneself sleep. We all know that the outcome of that trying is the exact opposite! This is “the law of reversed effort” or “what you resist persists” in action. When we try to use the conscious mind to take control of a function which is by nature taken care of by the unconscious mind, then we create tension and anxiety and this creates a self perpetuating cycle of anxiety. Who can focus on enjoying sex when there is a great deal of anxiety attached to it….? And if there is anxiety, then as far as the subconscious mind is concerned then there is probably danger in this situation too, and if you the organism will insist on having sex then the best thing to do is to at least get it over and done with as quickly as possible so that you can leave the “dangerous” situation sooner rather than later. Thus the subconscious mind suggests a quick ejaculation! Using the same understanding we can see that anxiety too can cause erection difficulties or impotence. Here, the subconscious mind will simply say that “Sex is out of the question…too dangerous!” Treatment therefore involves helping you to relax about having sex. What you need to be able to relax will be very individual, so I will of course help you with whatever difficulties you bring. Using positive mental imagery and fear dissociation techniques we can help to make sex pleasurable and relaxed for you again. Treatment for this can be shorter or longer term. Typically, a few nerves can be helped with 2-3 sessions, but somebody who is chronically anxious and experiencing sexual difficulties as a result will need perhaps 5-10 sessions.

Female – Vaginismus is essentially a lack of lubrication in the vagina and/or the tightening of the vaginal opening and muscles to the degree that sex is unpleasant, painful, or impossible. This is the female equivalent essentially to male impotence. Possible reasons for this difficulty are varied, but again, as with the above (premature ejaculation), it is often anxiety related, and by dealing with your concerns around sex, and learning to relax about sex, a resolution is usually fairly easy to achieve. I am of course more than willing to work with women with this difficulty, but if you would prefer to see a woman, please contact me and I will recommend someone for you.  

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