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Hypnotherapy for Sports Performance Improvement


Sports Performance Improvement- Guided imagery, visualization and suggestion techniques can improve your concentration and sports performance. Good sports performance is all about state of mind. Winners are not only experts at training their bodies. They also have sharp, clear, calm, focused minds. A well focused athlete exemplifies what it means to be in a nice positive trance….focused and clear, relaxed, yet alert and sharp. In fact, a focused athlete poised to "win" is about the best definition of hypnosis I could think of. This means being able to hold your mind steady as you approach the goal to shoot so you can put the ball in the back of the net with purpose and poise rather than fluff it because you were too excited and trying too hard (Yes I know the space personally!) I also know how powerful it can be to feel like you have complete control out there on the field -nice and slow, nice and calm even though you still have two defenders to get by. They are frantic. You’re not. That gives you the edge you need! Visualizing different techniques in the mind stimulates the same motor memory patterns that are active during the physical execution of the movement. 

It has been scientifically proven that athletes (including weightlifters) who use visualization develop more rapidly. Weightlifter studies showed that the weightlifters who visualised themselves lifting heavier weights than they were apparently capable of were actually able to do so after visualization despite the fact that they had previously been unable to lift that weight. The mindset, clearly, has a great deal to do with performance. Doubters lose in competition. Confidence is everything in sport. This therapy can be shaped according to your needs, and is not really technically a therapy but a focusing tool. As well as teaching you how to harness the power of your mind I will also supply you with a self-hypnosis CD which will enable you to make the most effective use of your most powerful tool…the rehearsal room of your mind...in your own time.

I'll be happy to help you improve your sports performance. Please contact me to make an appointment.

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