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Some Hypnotherapists in Bristol offer a free one hour consultation. Why don't you?

You may be wondering whether you should be concerned or suspicious that I don’t offer a free one hour initial consultation whilst some others in the Bristol area do. I would like to offer you a fuller explanation to put your mind at rest. I have simply switched to a different system. I now offer a no obligation telephone consultation followed by 90 minute sessions, allowing us to get straight on with therapy.  

I offered a free one hour consultation in the consulting room for over six years of full time practice. I found it unnecessarily clunky and so did my clients. It was a nice gesture of trust-building but when all was said and done it got in the way of simply getting on with the work we were both already committed to doing. My take-up rate following a consultation is genuinely about 95%. That should tell you straight away that in principle I am committed to operating with complete transparency. If you are troubled with an anxiety related difficulty, I genuinely expect to be able to help you. In practice however there are a number of reasons why that hourly consultation system became more of a hindrance than a help. In the interest of keeping this brief, here are some of the reasons why I switched to a telephone consultation followed by a longer working first session: - 

  • A high percentage of the people I see want some help (a working session) right away. This has been expressed to me by many clients.

  • Many difficulties can be addressed in two to three sessions or so (nail-biting, simple phobias etc). In these cases a full hour consultation really is simply unnecessary and just makes an extra unnecessary journey for the client.  

  • Most of what I would usually have told you in a one hour consultation I can communicate to you with a written document which I now give to all clients prior to our first session.

  • 20 minutes (or so) on the phone is adequate to help you get a “feel” for who I am and what I can offer you in the way of help. Booking an appointment remains non-obligatory so you still get the opportunity to make sure you are fully comfortable before committing to treatment.

  • I can now screen out the insincere and the misdirected. Sadly, offering a free one hour consultation has proven an invitation in the past to a small number of people who have abused the generosity in various ways.

  • I will always make sure you feel completely comfortable before committing to a booking (yes even if it takes longer than 20 minutes…I’m not minute counting!)

In practice I am not offering any less than I ever have or less than other therapists. and certainly you receive the same information and reassurances overall. It is just packaged differently in the interests of streamlining the process. I hope you will see here a balanced approach to offering you a quality service with a more streamlined way of working.  

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