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Suggestion Therapy

in Bristol and Bath - UK. 

Suggestion Therapy is good "old fashioned" hypnotherapy. It can best be described as a "helping hand"  therapy. Sometimes, we are generally healthy, well rounded individuals who find ourselves having difficulty with one issue. A recent survey showed the general publics' top ten fears as follows:

1) Public speaking 2) Heights 3) Snakes 4) Spiders 5) Needles 6) Enclosed spaces 7) Flying 8) Open spaces 9) Failure 10) Pain

Of all fears....public speaking is the number one fear people have. With failure also listing in the top ten, we can see that the fear of humiliation is paramount in the minds of most people and the pressure to perform and succeed is not far behind! 

When we are afraid of something we will necessarily see the worst in it. If we have exam nerves, we will see that exam in our minds many times before we sit down to take it, probably negatively! By the time we actually sit the exam we are exhausted! Because you have been negatively rehearsing the event you will probably be convinced that you'll fail too. Life has a way of fulfilling the prophecies we create! Suggestion therapy takes advantage of the highly suggestible state afforded by hypnosis to create a new and constructive positive picture of a future situation. This positive image actually paves the way for success, because the subconscious mind will naturally move towards supporting whatever image it has in mind. It is about re-educating our subconscious minds to behave in the way that is appropriate for us NOW. Many of the templates we operate from will have been laid down when we were children. Perhaps we were humiliated as children in school and we now have a fear of public speaking as a result?  If we need to give public presentations to obtain a promotion at work, this clearly is an inappropriate response to our current situation. These templates can be broad and can impact in all sorts of ways on our present day lives. Suggestion therapy usually takes care of these templates with great ease using highly effective re-framing methods to delete the negative templates and replace them with far more successful images and ego structures. Treatment using suggestion therapy is usually brief. One to three sessions is normal, providing that the condition is not aggravated by otherwise high stress/anxiety levels. Some of the most commonly treated conditions with suggestion therapy include.....blushing, nail biting, public speaking, performance, self-confidence, exam fears, driving nerves, unwanted  habits, poor concentration, goal achievement and performance enhancement.

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