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Therapy in Bristol and Bath - Which therapy?

"When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail!"

I use a varied approach to your therapy and the service I offer is more than "just" a hypnotherapy treatment. It's important that you choose a therapy and a therapist that feels right for you. With years of experience and ongoing training I incorporate many different approaches including techniques used in CBT, Psychotherapy, Analysis, NLP, and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. I recognise that different difficulties need different approaches and we pick the best fit for you together. To understand how these approaches work we have broadly categorised the types of therapy available for your ease of understanding. 


Hypnoanalysis- Analytical Therapy uses free association and regression to locate the root cause of problems, release the carried emotional burden, and resolve any associated issues. With hypnoanalysis, we use hypnosis to help you attain a state where you can clearly explore your own history in order to release and re-frame past anxieties. Very simply, this is a therapy which focuses on healing events and perceptions from the past, whilst the other therapies available focus on the future and the present. As a general rule most therapeutic plans will follow a solution focused framework (see below) but a well placed analytical session within that framework can often facilitate deep healing.

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Solution Focused Therapy/NLP/CBT- Solution Focused Therapy focuses on empowerment in the present. It is a modern and forward focused therapy, which concentrates in a practical way on strengthening the positive aspects of your life. It's aim is to help you discover those areas of your life which are not working and to provide you with the tools and resources you need to regain control and empowerment to achieve the things you want to achieve. Solution based therapy uses emotive hypnotic suggestions, active imagination, metaphor, and modern psychotherapeutic techniques, including practical applications of NLP to create new highly positive instructions for life, at both a conscious and subconscious level. For more on CBT click here.

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Suggestion Therapy is a traditional treatment which differs from Solution Based Therapy in that it usually focuses on a single issue such as smoking, weight loss, nail-biting, exam worries, performance enhancement, or confidence boosting. Occasionally the subconscious mind will create resistance in a single area, such as during public presentations or perhaps for a driving test. Suggestion therapy can be enormously helpful in restoring confidence, determination, and focus, so that the desired outcome of a situation can be easily achieved. As with all hypnotherapy, when the conscious and subconscious minds are in agreement, even the most difficult of tasks become much easier! 

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