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About Hypnotherapy & Flying - Overcome your fear of flying in Bristol and Bath. 

The basic premise of hypnotherapy is that the mind can be separated into two distinct units. The every-day rational conscious mind takes care of those matters we need to be conscious about. This part of the mind thinks, compares, relates, understands and categorises our experience. The rest is handed over to the subconscious mind. One of the tasks the sub-conscious mind looks after is ensuring our physical survival and it remains in a permanent state of vigilance; always scanning for potentially dangerous situations. This function is necessarily primitive and instinctive. When an organism is faced with danger, then the instinctive reaction offers the greatest chance of survival. In plain English; We don’t think about running when we see a pack of bulls stampeding towards us…we just do it! For that moment, rationality takes a back seat. 

Physically and mentally, we are flooded with powerful naturally produced chemicals (adrenalines) which help us to maximise our chances of survival by escaping more quickly. This is fine when the danger is real, but even with the best intentions, sometimes, the subconscious mind gets the wrong idea and inappropriately delivers this response when there is no need of it, such as during a flight. Since the response is instinctual, it over-rides the conscious mind and we find that no amount of “willpower” can alter the feelings of dread we feel. Hypnotherapy however, can access these negative subconscious templates, erase the limiting images, and successfully replace the fear template instead with a much more positive image of flying. The result is that the subconscious learns that it is safe to relax and then, so can you....permanently! It is not at all uncommon for people who have previously been afraid to fly, to report that they now truly enjoy flying since using hypnotherapy to release their fear. 


It’s not your Fault!

   Are you frustrated with yourself as a result of your fear of flying? 

   Do you ask yourself …“Why can’t I just pull myself together?!”  

It can be very upsetting to suffer from any kind of phobia, but aerophobia can be especially problematic because it often means that loved ones and family are also restricted in their choice of holidays or vocations, or are even separated by distance; a fact which sufferers are only too well aware of! The frustration can be crushing.


It can be difficult for others to understand too. But rest assured…It’s not weakness. And…it’s not your fault! Mild phobias are extremely common and are the result of a misunderstanding at the sub-conscious level. Your subconscious mind is simply trying to protect you from a perceived danger.


Flying & Phobias


Phobias occur in varying degrees of seriousness, ranging from mild discomfort to full blown panic and extreme aversion symptoms. They can be created by a single frightening event or by a build up of anxiety over a period of time.


Some people will be aware of the moment when their fear of flying began. Others will have noticed that it just built up over a period of time, and others will have no idea at all why they are afraid.


In every case though, we can be quite certain that one way or another, the subconscious has taken on board the message that flying is a situation which endangers you, the organism, and is therefore to be avoided! The symptoms you experience when you fly or try to fly are your subconscious minds’ way of telling you that this is a situation which is perceived as dangerous to you.

We know consciously of course that statistically speaking air travel is very safe indeed, but if you are one of the unfortunate minority who suffer from aerophobia, this offers little relief since you already know that no amount of self-talk makes very much difference. Your subconscious mind will always overrule your rational conscious mind when your survival is believed to be at stake and this is the crux of the matter.

Conquer your fear…


You may have already figured out that the key then to overcoming your fear of flying is to have your subconscious mind understand that it is okay to fly, that you want to fly, and that flying is safe. Hypnotherapy is uniquely suited to achieving this because hypnosis offers a clear channel of communication between the conscious and subconscious minds. Then it is possible to communicate new highly positive ideas and suggestions to the subconscious mind, which create new templates for life. Modern hypno-therapeutic techniques make it possible to deal with most phobic responses effectively and quickly by reducing anxiety generally, erasing the negative template which is producing your phobic response and replacing that template with the template you want to operate from. Most simple phobic responses will be treated in a non-invasive, safe, modern, and gentle, three session programme. For a more detailed look at phobias, please click here. If you would like to book a consultation, please click here.